About FinanceBoston

FinanceBoston is a real estate capital and advisory firm whose core business has expanded dramatically in recent years from one primarily built around commercial real estate loans to a business that provides a full suite of real estate capital and advisory services. Founded in 2004, FinanceBoston was out in front of the globalization trend that’s taking place in real estate investing and development. Since inception, the firm has worked with local developers and international investors to develop and acquire real estate in North, Central, and South America, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Today FinanceBoston’s associates work with their clients to customize the best debt, equity, and asset management solutions for their real estate investments and developments. Every engagement is led by a partner in the firm to ensure that firm’s deep understanding of both the capital markets and real estate are leveraged to our client’s advantage. This heavy emphasis on knowledge and experience, the core of FinanceBoston’s competitive advantage, has enabled the firm to deliver the best possible outcomes for its clients over the long term.