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Bank Work Outs

Staffed by an experienced and savvy group of former banking professionals, FinanceBoston is well positioned in the current economic climate to gauge the quality and level of collectability of a banking institutions non-performing loan portfolio. Based upon our analysis of a troubled loan, our experience in the areas of finance, loan work-out and legal impediments enables us to clearly define an action plan that will convert that category of troubled loans from non-earning to earning assets for the institution.

Moreover, our construction management and marketing experience enables us to reasonably determine the market value of a banks REO and the most expedient method of realizing that market value in cash.

We offer the following services:
  • Perform a full asset review and due diligence including site and design analysis
  • Determine the status of all approvals and permits.
  • Review the possibility of gaining new entitlements to increase the asset value
  • Negotiate sound and sensible Loan Modification Agreements where appropriate
  • Provide legal representation through our experienced legal partners when necessary
  • Manage the real estate asset while continuing with planned improvements to maximize value
  • Formulate a marketing strategy through research and analysis in the current marketplace
  • Source investor interest, locally and abroad
  • Coordinate mortgage providers to streamline the closing process